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80 10 10 Diet
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The 80 10 10 Diet is a program by Dr. Douglas Graham. It is a raw food version of a low-fat plant based diet. Graham is a lifetime athlete who has been eating a raw food diet for almost thirty years.

Diet Basics

The Program proposes a fair ratio of nutrients to support health, which comprises of 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein and 10% fat.

This diet program is based completely on raw food and fruit. He claims with convincing arguments and scientific research, that fruit is the ideal food for humans.

Dieters are advised to choose a single fruit to be eaten in large quantities. For example four pounds of watermelon for breakfast. In order to obtain adequate calories necessary, large amounts of fruit must be eaten.

Graham also advises dieters to consume approximately a pound of leafy greens each day, such as lettuce, spinach, and celery. High fat foods such as avocados and nuts are often limited to small amounts every second day or so. Graham describes the importance of lifestyle factors that consist of exercise, sunlight, adequate sleep, and emotional balance.

Recommended Foods

Fruit, vegetables, avocados, and young coconut. Raw nuts and seeds.

Sample Diet Plan

3 lbs. cantaloupe

1 lb. bananas
1 lb. mangoes

Course 1
1 lb. apricots
Course 2
Orange Pepper Tomato Soup (8 oz. romaine lettuce 8 oz. tomatoes 8 oz. orange or yellow peppers parsley sprig)
Course 3
Heirloom Avocado Salad (8 oz. romaine lettuce 8 oz. cucumbers 12 oz. tomatoes 6 oz. avocado cup cilantro)

Exercise Recommendations

Regular daily exercise is strongly recommended on this program. Dieters are advised to do some aerobic exercise everyday and engage in strength training three times a week. Dieters who do not exercise on a regular basis are actually not following the program.


  • Athlete's performance can be improved through this diet.
  • Good for fruit loving dieters.
  • Reduced the risk of heart disease and diabetes, because the diet is low in fat.
  • The program is entirely based on fruits and vegetables.
  • Encourages a physically active lifestyle.
  • Beneficial as a short-term cleansing diet.
  • Food preparation is easy.


  • Requires a full overhaul of eating habits.
  • Many dieters may not enjoy eating like this.
  • Some dieters may face difficulties in maintaining the recommended exercise guidelines.
  • The chance of nutritional deficiency is there if the consumption of green leafy vegetables is not adequate.
  • Can be too low in essential fatty acids, protein and minerals including zinc and selenium.
  • May require the use of vitamin B12 supplements.


The 80 10 10 diet is an extreme approach toward dieting that will not suit everyone. This diet is most suitable for highly committed professional athletes, who have a clear goal to achieve by following this plan.